Distinguished Leaders Unveiled


Finding your true identity as a leader. Unveil your leader ability and lead to the max.
Available in PDF format.


When you identify the Leader of Distinction within you, the world will be your oyster. Today we marvel at great men that are achieving greatness around the world and are speaking to crowds of over thirty thousand every service. We ask ourselves when is our day going to come where we will be given the opportunity to speak before such great multitudes of people. The reality is that we must provide people with a solution and this solution only comes when we find the one thing that separates us from the rest.

I believe that you have a gift that the world is waiting for and it may be challenging but you already have a measure of faith to overcome and reveal your true identity and the distinguished leader that you are. A spirit of resilience that says I am not going to stop until I make my mark on this world. You have this ability but you cannot give up because of the opinions of man, you have to pursue your dreams and be driven by your own identity and you will see the glory of God descend upon you. This is your opportunity to be leader of distinction.




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