Upskill For Success


Lead with Influence not Authority.
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Life happens to everyone. Our journey of life is shaped by the hardships, joys, sorrows and wins that we encounter. I believe that you were born to be even greater than you are right now. Sometimes the voices in our lives cause us to settle for less because we focus on our responsibilities and the pressures and demands of day to day life.

In this book, I will help you to retool your tool box and upskill your life. Your destiny is greater than you think; you just have to step up and take hold of the steering wheel. This book is based on a short portion of scripture found in Proverbs 22:29. It is out of this text that this entire teaching was born, I encourage you to read this book even if you are not a Christian. There are valuable principles that will assist anyone from any faith and all walks of life. If we are being honest with ourselves, everyone wants to be a success in life – let this book be a compass to ensure that you do not settle for less.


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