Vision Carriers


Vision is not driven, pushed or pulled but carried. Empower your team to carry the vision with you.
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The fact that you now either considering ministry or are in ministry, is because you have been chosen by God. Never let trials and tribulations make you detour from the Vision that God has given you. You have been called for such a time as this and there are men and women that are waiting for you to come down their street and share the good news with them. Always keep a check on your heart and make sure that you never are driven by material things that this world offers so easily.

Never measure up to anyone else, you are an individual and God will judge you on who you know. I trust that this book has been a blessing to your life and ministry and that you keep going because you can make it. Just keep persevering and never forget that God could of chosen someone else, but God has chosen you for this time and this season.





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